Talking is mental walking

Charlie Chaplin pelkäsi koko elämänsä koska kukaan ei viitsinyt ymmärtää, oli helpompaa nauraa. Kyse on vakavasta asiasta, missä tekniikka pakottaa kulttuurit nöyrtymään johonkin joka ei ole ihmisyydelle milloinkaan oikein. Zizek on minusta ottanut mallia? Ehkä hänet on ns. luotu? Ehkä ei ollut Zizekiä ennenkuin minä aloitin? Kuten Naomi Kleinkin - ovat piilaakson tuotteita koska me tuotamme ja he rahastavat? * aito ei kopioi ketään *

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The difference of madness and creativity how you see it. It depends of how far you are willing to go!
It depends on if you have the courage and don't regard yourself mad, even if others do. But don't never ever act like a mad, just be one. If you are acting like a mad, they "will come and take you away" therefore sure of the roles and the role play: don't go further than that.
....people who look like mad people are mad, because they don't know how the rules are working.

To become a "real mad" you have to be unaware of the consciousness of yourself and also about the indoctrination rules that exist. You are taught how to become a member of the reality, don't forget that. It is not your own idea, and not your parents idea alone!

But if you are like me - you know the rules and are aware of the blindness very well (blindness of the historical facts about the real life idea) - you decide to just walk on them. Walking is movement and movement is the key to insight. But don't step or jump on them, that is egoistic and narcissistic. Walk on means to go above, to become aware of significance they haven't noticed. Don't let them catch you into their "mad house" if you have to be mad in your thoughts. Still you have to follow the rules, you cannot be anarcistic. You have to use your brains, use them by thinking with real movement. Don't use the memory skills, it is a lazy one if you compare it to real thinking. And don't climbe, just walk, walk on water: by thinking so (the water means here the antropological insight and discourse).

To be open minded and to let the madness be a part of your thinking depends also on common expectations in a culture (in some cultures it is absolutely forbidden to try to think yourself!!) and it depends on the freedom of seing backwards, into your Khora. Read Julia Kristevas philosophy and think about the bizarre Salvador Dali and imagine the beauty of Jackson Pollocks movement, the brightness of René Magritte's heuristic art and enjoy the humour of the mad Miró. Together they had found out the same: the impossibility to explain the most evident of unevidental entities in a closed and complex world. Still they saw that what I think I now see: the world itself, so simple and so beautiful. So pure and so uncomplex but ruled by egoists.

...surrealism is madness but surrealism shows how mad the world is.


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